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Key Messages


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Key Messages

  • Caregivers play a crucial role in the healthcare system filling in gaps to ensure people get the care they need

  • Caregiving responsibilities often require people to take extended leaves from their jobs or even force them to leave employment entirely

  • The increased financial burden placed on caregivers combined with the reduced ability to work results in lost productivity for our province

  • According to the OCO’s Spotlight on Ontario’s Caregivers Report in 2019 more than 30% of caregivers faced financial hardship because of caregiving expenses

  • There are very limited financial supports available to unpaid caregivers in Ontario to either prevent or address financial distress, 74% of caregivers report receiving no financial assistance

  • Without additional financial supports caregivers can face an impossible dilemma, continue providing care to a loved one or go back to work to support their family

  • Expanding access to Direct Funding Programs and Family Managed Care will allow more caregivers to continue providing the care their loved one needs or to return to work knowing their loved one is properly cared for


Key Facts

  • 31% of caregivers to a spouse and 29% of caregivers to a child provide more than 30 hours per week of care

  • In 2018, only 8% of caregivers received the federal governments caregiver tax credit and just 6% received any financial support from other government programs

    • By contrast, 68% of the caregivers who indicated they needed additional support in 2018 stated that government financial support was needed

  • Only 38% of caregivers remain in the paid labour force and of that number 68% work less than 10 hours per week

  • 41% of caregivers report that their caregiving duties have reduced their ability to engage in paid work

  • 94% of caregivers report that their ability to take part in leisure or community activities is reduced because of their caregiving responsibilities

  • 95% of caregivers report that their time with other family and friends is reduced because of their caregiving responsibilities

  • Respite for caregivers is critical to preserving their own well-being and enabling them to continue in their caregiving role

      A ‘break’ is just as essential for the family caregiver at home as it           is for health care providers "in the field"

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