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The Ontario Caregiver Coalition regularly provides submissions to government on issues of importance to caregivers, whether to provide advice and recommendations to government as it prepares its budget, to provide input on legislation or regulations, or to respond to public consultations. Below you will find some of our recent submissions.  

Pre Budget Submission 2024

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition's 2024 Pre Budget Submission is focused on directly impacting caregiver financial distress and needs. It highlights a new approach for how support programs for family caregivers should be developed and how access to existing programs can be increased. The submissions also address the ongoing need to strengthen home and community care.

Pre Budget Submission 2023

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition's 2023 Pre Budget Submission focused on addressing caregiver financial distress, a top policy priority for caregivers which has only become more pressing with the cost of living crisis and the pressures on Ontario's home and community care systems. 

Pre Budget Submission 2022

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition's Pre Budget Submission 2022 recommended a refundable Caregiver Tax Credit and several measures to strengthen Ontario's Direct Funding programs. 

Submission on the Home and Community Care Regulations

In 2021, the Ontario government sought public feedback on revisions to the regulations under the Home and Community Care Act. The OCC recommended a number of measures to expand the remit of homemaking services, enable advocacy by caregivers for their loved ones, and strengthen self-directed care programs. 

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