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Become a Member of the Ontario Caregiver Coalition

We invite you to become a member of the Ontario Caregiver Coalition, and join the movement for change!

By becoming a member of the OCC, you are strengthening the voice for a future in which caregivers are valued, respected and supported. Members share information and perspectives about caregiver experiences and needs in Ontario, identify priorities for improving the lives of caregivers, share their own efforts, and pool their expertise and resources towards change. The OCC is building a strong community of caregivers and organizations who want to have a meaningful impact on caregiver policy in Ontario.


The OCC brings together both caregivers and organizations that serve and support caregivers. This collaboration gives us a unique perspective and strengthens our voice.

Caregiver Members


Any individual who shares our Mission and objectives, and who is or has been an unpaid caregiver, is welcome to join OCC. Caregivers are individuals who provide or who have provided unpaid care and assistance for their family members, friends or neighbours who are in need of support because of injury, disability, illness or condition of any kind whatsoever.

Organization Members


OCC welcomes as members organizations that share our mission and objectives, and who serve and support caregivers. Our organization members include health charities, service providers, researchers, advocacy organizations and others.

Friends of the OCC


If you do not fall into either of these categories, you are welcome as a Friend of the OCC. Friends are individuals or organizations who support our mission, and who wish to keep informed about our work by receiving our emails and newsletters. Friends may serve on committees or participate in initiatives, but are not voting members of the organization.

I want to find out more about membership in the OCC


Yes, I want to become a Member or Friend of the OCC!

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