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Get Involved With the Ontario Caregiver Coalition

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition is a volunteer-driven organization! We are a true coalition of unpaid caregivers, and we are driven by the passion of volunteers. Every voice counts!

Volunteering with the OCC can be an excellent opportunity to take part in helping the needs of caregivers accross Ontario be heard.

Members and friends are welcome to attend and participate in our quarterly membership meetings, or to volunteer their time with one or more of our committees!

Below you will see a visual overview of our structure as of 2023-2024, followed by a brief overview of each of our Committees:

Screenshot 2024-03-24 2.59.02 PM.png

Our Committees:

Holding Three Books

Research and Advocacy

Current Chair: Lauren Bates

The Research and Advocacy Committee identifies the advocacy priorities for the OCC and implements strategies for advancing those priorities. 


As a member of this committee, your responsibilities could include:

  • Consulting with OCC Members and caregivers to identify advocacy priorities.

  • Developing advocacy strategies.

  • Undertaking or supporting relevant policy research.

  • Developing policy materials.

  • Connecting with MPPs and other government stakeholders.

  • Developing collaborative relationships with stakeholders.

  • Review research requests from researchers for caregiver support.

Membership and Governance

Current Chair: Patti Lennox


The Membership and Governance Committee oversees the governance of the OCC.


They welcome all with an expertise or interest in policy writing, finance, organization strategy, operations and administration. 


As a member, your responsibilities could include:

  • Developing and maintaining board policies and bylaws.

  • Succession planning.

  • Annual Reporting.

  • Financially overseeing the OCC.

  • Developing membership policies and processes.

  • Recruitment for the new board.

Experts Panel


Current Chair: Kyle Fitzgerald


The Partnership Committee is responsible for advancing the priorities of the OCC through our internal and external partnerships. 


Anyone with expertise or interest in community engagement and stakeholder relations would be a welcome member of this Committee.

Communications and Awareness

Current Chair: Daniel Nowoselski


The Communications and Awareness Committee manages the OCC’s communication strategy, our public awareness campaigns, the OCC brand and our online social media engagement. 


They welcome all who have skills in or want to learn more about social media messaging, public awareness campaigning, media engagement and/or communications strategies.

Classmates in the Library

Caregiver Collective

The Caregiver Collective provides strategic advice and support for the OCC’s advocacy from a grassroots perspective.


The Collective is also responsible for the engagement of our caregiver members, and serves as a vital connection point between our caregiver members and the board!


As a member, your responsibilities could include:

  • Creating presentations on lived caregiver experiences.

  • Meeting with politicians or government officials.

  • Participating in media engagements.

Interested in joining the OCC?

I'd like to learn more about what being a member is like!
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