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About Us

The Ontario Caregiver Coalition (OCC) is a grassroots coalition of unpaid caregivers and organizations that support caregivers.

Unpaid caregivers – the family, friends and neighbours who provide essential personal, financial, social, psychological, emotional and physical support for those living with disability, frailty or acute illness – make a significant contribution to our communities.


However, because of the lack of supports in place for caregivers, they often struggle with financial distress, social isolation and compromised health.

Together, we work towards a world in which caregivers are valued, respected and supported.

Guided by our members’ shared vision and passion, we raise awareness, undertake research, work in partnerships and advocate for change.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of caregivers by advocating for fair access to needed support.

An Ontario where caregivers feel valued, respected, recognized and supported.


Our Vision


The Ontario Caregiver Coalition has been working to advocate for caregivers since 2009 and has been incorporated as a not-for-profit organization since 2018.

Past initiatives include our helping to create the St. Elizabeth CareChannel portal for caregivers, collaborating with The Change Foundation on The Caring Experience project, playing an instrumental role in the recognition of Family Caregiver Day, celebrated annually on the first Tuesday in April and our highly successful 2024 Caregiver Survey. 

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